Innovative, modular LED lighting systems incorporated into VRS

GUARDLED® is a set of innovative LED lighting solutions integrated directly into new or existing vehicle restraint systems. The benefits of the range are numerous:

  • a significant reduction in road accidents through visibility in all circumstances
  • energy-saving LED lighting that is continuous, uniform and well distributed on the road
  • positioned at a height of 40 cm from the road surface and fully adjustable
  • low operating costs and no light pollution
  • does not dazzle motorists but rather guides them at night and in bad weather conditions 
  • high performance materials with great durability over time: resistant to abrasion, atmospheric agents and and UV rays
  • complies with the EN 13201-2 photometric performance standard, class M1
  • designed and manufactured in Europe

Orientation, guidance and safety: the 3 features of the GUARDLED® range

The GUARDLED® range is available in 2 different types of devices:

  • GUARDLED® H1 and H2: the latest generation of guardrails tested and certified according to EN1317 with an integrated plastic cover containing high performance LEDs
  • G-LIGHT®: the modular high performance LED device to be fixed on all types of restraint systems (steel, concrete, mixed or SMV)

SOLOSAR: for safe and smart roads.